Name Funding Lead Year Type Status
From shared experiences to shared knowledge and common solutions: collaborating to improve web-based tools in Latin America and the Caribbean GBIF & co-founders GBIF Brazil 2020 Workshop & Documentation On-going
International Living Atlases workshop - how to improve data use with Atlas of Living Australia modules GBIF & co-founders GBIF France 2018 Workshop & Documentation Closed
Workshops on usage of the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) and data portals GBIF & co-founders Canadensys 2018 Documentation Closed
Francophone mentoring and translation of the open-source ALA platform GBIF & co-founders GBIF France 2017 Workshop Closed
Internationalization of the ALA node portal GBIF & co-founders GBIF Belgium 2015 Documentation Closed
CoopBioPlat European Union GBIF Spain 2015 Meeting & Workshop Closed