Internationalization of the ALA node portal


The Atlas of Living Australia has been working to enable the software it developed to be reused by other countries and thematic nodes as a platform for implementing data portals.

The GBIF Work Programme 2014-2016 included activities to provide support for project coordination, documentation, training and helpdesk activities to facilitate this work. This project brought together four European nodes that decided to reuse the Atlas of Living Australia software for the development of their national biodiversity portals to work on ensuring the technical documentation and user-interface are available in French, Portuguese and Spanish. To support the further reuse of the software by others, the project delivered all user-interface texts completely translated into French, Portuguese and Spanish; key technical documentation (basic installation and operation guides) available in English and translated into the three languages; and translation guidelines for further translations of the software (in English).


Organization Role
GBIF Belgium Leader
GBIF France Co-coordinator & co-founder
GBIF Spain Co-coordinator & co-founder
GBIF Portugal Co-coordinator & co-founder