CoopBioPlat meeting 2


CoopBioPlat brought together GBIF nodes in Argentina (SNDB), Brazil (SiBBr), Costa Rica (CRBio), France, Portugal and Spain to produce an institutional agreement to cooperate on developing national biodiversity data portals based on the ALA portal. The meeting also aimed to further the customization of the ALA Platform by GBIF Nodes. This 2nd meeting focused on IT developments. Developers among the project’s partners were assisted at the meeting by David Martin from ALA.

CoopBioPlat was a Pilot Coordination Action, funded by ERANet-LAC of the European Commission, and was implemented over 18 months.


Name Organization Country
Santiago Martínez de la Riva Vivanco GBIF Spain Spain
David Martin CSIRO (Atlas of Living Australia) United Kingdom
Rui Figueira GBIF Portugal Portugal
Marie-Elise Lecoq GBIF France France
Fabien Cavière GBIF France France
Paco Pando GBIF Spain France
Miguel Carboni GBIF Argentina Argentina
Luis Eugênio Barbosa GBIF Brazil Brazil