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The Centre for Snow and Mountain Research (CENMA) of the Andorran Research Council (IEA) was entrusted by the Andorra government with the task of developing and setting up the country’s GBIF. Thus, in 2010 Andorra joined the list of countries that participate in the GBIF project. This adhesion to the GBIF entails a commitment to furthering two clear aims. Nationally, CENMA must collect and collate as much data as possible regarding Andorra’s biodiversity and incorporate it into the general GBIF database; on a broader scale, CENMA will participate in joint projects aimed at improving and extending free access to the database and will promote its use.

The GBIF-Andorra site contains data on the country’s biodiversity based on information provided by institutions both in Andorra and abroad. In February 2018 was launched the Andorran portal based on the Living Atlases portals, which offer more possibilities in terms of map visualisation, and more specific fields in the search engine.

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For more information, you may contact Benjamin Komac on Slack.