International Living Atlases workshop - how to improve data use with Atlas of Living Australia modules


Since the beginning, our workshops have focused on the installation, the configuration, the customization of national data portals and basic types of data indexation. We want to improve our trainees skills on more complex indexations such as event, but also help them to develop specific features needed at a national level.

In order to do this, a workshop has been organized at the National Museum of Natural History (MNHN) in Paris. The focus of this workshop has been on the ALA spatial modules like the spatial portal and the explore region tool and also on analysis elements such as ALA4R.

GBIF Brazil covered the travel expenses of all the participants. This workshop has been founded by the CESP Project (CESP2018-004).


Name Organization Country
Héctor Armando Hernández Samayoa CONAP Consejo Nacional de Areas Protegida Guatemala
Reuben Roberts National Biodiversity Network United Kingdom
Kourouma Koura GBIF Benin Benin
Rui Figueira GBIF Portugal Portugal
Fabien Caviere GBIF France France
Jason Loomi Vermont Center for Ecostudies United States of America
Manuel Fernando Vargas Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad (INBio) Costa Rica
Maxim Shashkov Institute of Mathematical Problems of Biology (RAS) Russia
Brandito M. Quijano Jr. Philippines Atlas of Biodiversity (PhAB) Philippines
Cristina Villaverde GBIF Spain / Royal Botanic Garden / CSIC Spain
Christian Gendreau Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Canada
Pete Herbst The Field Museum United States of America
Marie-Elise Lecoq VertNet United States of America
David Martin CSIRO (Atlas of Living Australia) United Kingdom
Bruno Silva Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa (RNP / SiBBr) Brazil
Dag Endresen GBIF-Norway (Natural History Museum in Oslo - University of Oslo) Norway
Abner Galvez Ministerio del Medio Ambiente Chile
Manash Shah Swedish Museum of Natural History (GBIF Sweden) Sweden
Chihjen Ko Biodiversity Research Center (Academia Sinica) Taiwan
Tanja Lumetsberger Biodiversity-Hub (Danube University Krems) Austria
Xiaoqian Zhao Institute of Botany (Chinese Academy of Sciences) China
Pierre Radji GBIF Togo (Laboratory of Forestry Research (LRF) - Faculty of Science/University of Lomé) Togo
Nicholas dos Remedio Atlas of Living Australia / CSIRO Australia
Jaime Nahuel Ramírez Lorca Mincyt Argentina
Dimitri Outboter NZCS Netherlands
Matthew Blissett GBIF Denmark
Markus Skyttner Swedish Museum of Natural History Sweden
Mathieu Blanchet Lund University Sweden
Wahida Lassoued Agence française pour la biodiversité France


Presentations & Exercises