TDWG Virtual Conference 2020


For a few years, we have presented the Atlas of Living Australia platform and Living Atlases community to the TDWG. We managed to show you how this community has moved forward and how we have grown from a group of developers to a more stable community.

We used this new session to present what we have achieved since the last conference. We explained the work done by both our coordinators helped by all the participants and the Living Atlases Management Committee to consolidate this new version of the community. It included the description of the Memorandum of Understanding, the remote session organized by the technical coordinator and the improvement that we made regarding the technical and non-technical documentation. A presentation of Atlas of Living Australia’s pipeline closed this new symposium.


As the conference was online, without a mandatory registration, it is difficult to have a list of participants. However, we know that we had around 80 viewers during the entire session.