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As data publishers share more and more data to GBIF, a national need for data portals has increased around the informatics and biodiversity network. In this context, the Australian GBIF node (Atlas of Living Australia) and INBio in Costa Rica made the first partnership in 2013 to create a national data portal based on the ALA tools ( This was the start of the international and technical community that grows around this platform.

After 5 years, the community put in production 14 data portals (several more are under development), organized several technical workshops, presented the community through symposia or single presentations in several international conferences (GEO BON, TDWG, GBIF Governing Board, etc.), and launched its website ( During the GBIF Governing Board 2018, a discussion started to work on the development of a Living Atlas Community of Practice (CoP).

The main goals of this CoP, among others, are to better align software codebases in use across the GBIF network (including, as well as supporting the development of the Living Atlas platform through an open-source shared model, assisting individual countries and thematic groups in the adoption of Living Atlas and developing and maintaining training, documentation and support services.

During this symposium, we have officially launched the Living Atlases CoP and presented the roadmap and the long-term vision for the Living Atlases platform, including its potential to provide services on biodiversity information, not only within GBIF network, but also for other research infrastructure facilities on biodiversity or environment.


As we did not request a registration to participate to the symposium, it is difficult to have a list of participants. However, we know that we had around 30 participants during the entire session.